My Story

I trust that you will or have  found my portfolio interesting. 


Through these I attempt to illustrate my passion and growth its all about practice.


Born in District Six, Cape Town, South Africa (which has its own historical story) has guided me to be self-motivated and with supportive social surroundings, I continually enjoy and contribute to my industry and its related services. 


After completing studies in Architectural Technology at Cape Peninsula University of Technology in 1995, I worked with local architectural companies achieving awards and publications as a team member. I was also given the opportunity to work abroad (Ireland) and Central Africa (Congo). This undoubtedly added to my passion for the industry.

Prior to my architectural studies, I obtained a part-time educational base in Carpentry and Joinery Trade Theory whilst doing non-Industry jobs like delivering shampoo, mountaineering equipment sales, installation of data cabling and occasional gardening and painting weekend jobs. I feel this has taught me the value of being dedicated to ones undertakings.


My educational and historical background with my passion for mountaineering and photography, has given me opportunities to contribute to several outreach programs for hiking and story book photography that captures educational moments. Hopefully through these activities I have contributed to inspiring participating youth and others towards building a sustainable future.


My inspiration comes in all forms, places and times. For me, its about knowing and appreciating ones surroundings and most importantly choosing that which brings out excellence in practice.


The industry has given me a spectrum of opportunities personally and professionally.


2020..the story keeps growing..its handy knowing the past to strengthen the future...